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OnkoDICOM was created with Radiation Oncologists to allow Radiation Oncologists to do research on DICOM standard image sets (DICOM-RT, CT, MRI, PET) using open source technologies, such as pydicom, dicompyler-core, PySide6, PIL, and matplotlib. OnkoDICOM is cross platform, open source software, and welcomes contributions from the wider community via GitHub

OnkoDICOM was inspired by the (https://github.com/bastula/dicompyler)

What can you do

What can you do?


OnkoDICOM takes your identified DICOM-RT dataset and produces a new identifier which cannot be tracked back to the patient's name.

DVH output

OnkoDICOM will show you the dose-volume histogram of the radiotherapy plan. It will also output the histogram as a spreadsheet file.

Pyradiomics output

Pyradiomics is a Python library that analyses the histogram and grey scale patterns in the areas of scans which have been described as a Region of Interest.